Eco Tourism

The lodges are designed to fit into the natural environment and its operations are carried out in an ecologically sustainable manner where flora and fauna are fully protected and conserved. We support responsible tourism and have put in place programmes to minimise the negative aspect of conventional tourism on the environment and to enhance the cultural integrity of the local communities.

All effort is made to use green technologies and to promote recycling, energy efficiency and water conservation. Solar panels are being extensively used, providing the camps with all power.

One of the goals of Ta Shebube is to create jobs in the local community where employment opportunities are scarce.  Staff is therefore as far as possible employed from the neighbouring villages on fixed term contracts, and in accordance with the labour laws of Botswana.

Employees are housed on site in a smartly designed staff village with bedrooms, a kitchen with appropriate cooking and storage facilities, water born toilets and hot and cold showers.