Ta Shebube


The climate is typical for an arid area, very hot and very dry. During summer between October and April the average temperatures are between 35 and 38°C and often go beyond 40°C. This is the rainy season but the rainfall in the Kgalagadi is rarely more than 150mm per annum and tends to be erratic, unpredictable and highly regional.

“Typically for the KTP are the strong and at times destructive winds that can suddenly appear from nowhere and sometimes turns into real sandstorms with everything impregnated by fine red sand.”

Winters are very dry with an absolute clear sky due to lack of rain. Temperatures are an average 25°C during the day however nights can be exceedingly cold often falling below zero degrees Celcius. This is the best time to view game in terms of both weather and game. It is during this period that the wildlife of the great spaces gathers around the waterholes in the valley and are at their most visible. Good game viewing can also be experienced towards the end of the rainy season..