We are delighted to announce the reopening of Polentswa on 24th March 2023. Our first guests arrived at Polentswa on this day, even though our original target date to reopen Polentswa was 3rd April 2023. It is an exciting time for us and for the holiday makers wishing to visit the mighty Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (KTP). We had previously received numerous inquiries about whether Polentswa would be rebuilt following its destruction on 9th September 2021, by a veld fire that swept across the northern part of KTP. Some had feared that the camp would not reopen.

We always knew that we would most certainly redevelop Polentswa. We have retained aspects of the old Polentswa, while introducing fresh ideas into the reconstruction of the camp. Polentswa currently offers 10 bed spaces on single, double or twin occupancy basis. We plan to later expand Polentswa by offering a more exclusive section of the camp on the adjacent dune facing directly west and overlooking the Polentswa Pan. Let us relive the Spirit of Kgalagadi with joy and happiness… Email us at info@tashebube.co.bw or contact us telephonically at +267-78272000.