Ta Shebube

Our Experience

Ta Shebube is the first development of its kind on the Botswana side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (KTP). The KTP was the first formally declared transfrontier park in Africa and was established with the support and encouragement of the Peace Park Foundation.

Ta Shebube has designed and developed a series of two (2) desert lodges stretching along the arid Nossob River Valley of the KTP creating a really unique desert safari which delves deep into the Kgalagadi. The KTP is an isolated, unspoilt and undiscovered treasure trove with respect to its remote desert and solitude feel, rugged scenic beauty, the abundance and variety of wildlife, wilderness trails and culture. The Ta Shebube safari is an exclusive experience as the park is still fairly unknown and has so far mainly appealed to 4 x 4 enthusiasts. Ta Shebube has opened the doors to this vast and prestine wilderness landscape to novice travelers who wish to explore remote desert destinations. Nothwithstanding the above, Ta Shebube is true to Botswana’s concept of high quality and low impact tourism hence the area will remain small and exclusive assuring that all guests experience the tranquillity and solitude of the desert. The arid river environment is the perfect setting for showing off wildlife. The 84 water holes along the Nossob and Aoub rivers create close up vantage points for photographers. There are 60 species of mammels and 300 species of birds including birds of prey making the park a bird watchers paradise. Predators such as the ultimate black maned lion and the cheetah are the area’s big attraction, while impressive herds of plains game, such as oryx, springbok, eland and wildebeest, litter the valleys.

Distinct Attributes

  • Pristine desert wilderness, red rolling sand dunes, vast open grassland and expansive Acacia savannahs, horizonless landscape.
  • Predator-rich fossil river environment, impressive herds of desert antelopes, a bird watcher’s paradise.
  • Star studded sky, magnificent sunsets.
  • Spectacular thunder storms.